In our leadership style we value:

Teamwork - the essential truth of body ministry (Romans 12:3-8). Jesus worked in a team and so did Paul. The Church will only be able to fulfill its mandate as people understand their interdependence and accordingly learn to esteem one another highly. 

Friends before function (John 15:12-17) - the importance of working in a positive relationship environment. Jesus made clear that the identifying feature of his true disciples was to be love and this has not changed. The world system works in structure; the kingdom of God works in relationship.

Transparency - being open to one another especially in a team context. This begins in our relationship with the N.C.M.I. apostolic team members and is to be evident in how we present ourselves to the community.

Sacrifice - being willing to pay whatever cost to fulfill the will of God.

Preparing people for ministry - this confirms the truth of Ephesians 4:11-13 that the purpose of the five-fold ministry is to equip others to do the work of ministry.

The call of elders to build the local church and to shepherd His people. We will not build around guest speakers, big names, etc. Guest speakers should normally be trans-local ministry that helps the eldership to fulfill their calling in a better manner but should never be expected to provide all the church growth and problem solving.

Learning the way the anointing operates. The Holy Spirit has been sent as the One who leads, guides, empowers, convicts and helps. His ministry should be expected and honoured. This is done by listening, obeying and giving Him necessary time.